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“In our experience, medication nonadherence among Afib patients often stems from not truly understanding why they are taking a specific medication or what that medication does for them. We are proud to support the CV Virtual Clinic, which will provide individualized support to Afib patients in understanding their medications and the importance of taking them properly.”
Mellanie True Hills, founder of
“It's hard to imagine what the COVID-19 crisis would be like without the benefits of telehealth, which is protecting both patients and caregivers on the front lines of this fight. Cardiovascular disease remains a leading killer of Americans, responsible for nearly 650,000 U.S. deaths, killing fully one in four Americans, every year. Today’s announcement means better, safer education and adherence for Afib patients, which is very much needed at this time of global health crisis.”
Sue Koob, MPA, CEO, Preventive Cardiovascular Nurses Association
“Because people with Afib are at a five-times-higher risk of having a stroke, adhering to the medication plans prescribed by their doctors is of the utmost importance. Being able to provide people with the support they need to manage their Afib at home during this time may help avoid additional health risks.”
Mariell Jessup, Chief Medical Officer for the American Heart Association
“This resource will be so helpful to Afib patients who need resources and support during this time. We are excited to be able to offer this to our members.”
Andrea Baer, Executive Director of Mended Hearts